150913 – Not Living in Fear

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Fake Gold as Reserve Capital

Never was fake gold actually discovered in the form monetary gold, held by a bank as reserve capital and designed to fool bank regulators of a bank’s true financial state… Until now. Russia’s “Admiralty” Bank was reportedly using gold-plated metal as part of its “gold reserves.” How long before we here of banks in other countries doing the same thing?

The Coming Upheaval

According to Egon von Greyerz, the upheaval in coming years will not just be financial, health, lack of food, water, personal security, social unrest, wars, and much more can be expected. And the social security net that people in the West have been used to will totally disappear. In addition, the inflation-adjusted performance of the Dow is already down by two-thirds against gold since 1999.

Supporting Military Coup

In a recent poll, a question…

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