150809 – EPA Enviornmental Crimes


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Chinese Trade Crashes

It appears that global trade is grinding to a halt and in dollar-denominated cases, it has even gone into reverse. China’s July exports have crashed 8.3% year over year and are down 3.6% from the month before. It wasn’t just exports, imports also tumbled by 8.1%. With exports dropping, a Chinese QE is now inevitable.

Labor Force

A record of nearly 93.8 million people, 16 and older, were neither employed in July nor made any specific efforts to find work in the prior four weeks according to the latest fictional jobs report. With that in mind, we are supposed to believe that the unemployment rate is steady at 5.3%?

Medical Records Not Safe

The use of administrative subpoenas is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, but few privacy advocate groups have focused on the issue until recently. Now…

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