ISIS and the Manufactured Terror Paradigm: Designed to Steal Your Rights

Does this make you feel “safer”?


Stage is being set for a reauthorization of the illegal and unconstitutional PATRIOT Act

ISIS and the Manufactured Terror Paradigm: Designed to Steal Your RightsAs Jon Bowne points out in this this Infowars video, the stampede of terror, magnified and exaggerated by the corporate propaganda media, is a stratagem devised to steal your God-given rights.

As Infowars and Alex Jones have shown over and over, ad nauseam, ISIS and its predecessor, al-Qaeda (and a constellation of associated groups), all created by US, British and Pakistani intelligence (with the assistance of associated intelligence agencies in Europe) do not represent a serious threat to the American people.

Since 9/11 the terror threat hyped by the federal government and its burgeoning anti-terror apparatus has demonstrated itself to be, at best, cartoonish. The FBI continues to transparently roll out groomed patsies and mental deficients as “lone wolves” and “homegrown terrorists.” These ridiculous and often pathetic “terrorists” are then cited by the corporate media in…

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