141003 – Global Economy In Trouble

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Swiss Vote

62% of Swiss voters rejected their government’s attempt to create their version of Obamawreck.   Unfortunately, this is down from a 71% rejection of a similar attempt in 2007.    Amazing how socialism creeps into people’s lives.

Global Economy

The head of the Bank of International Settlements said recently that the global financial system is currently “more fragile” in many ways than it was just prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and that debt ratios are now far higher.    They have been warning, for years, that the West has been using all of the wrong approaches, via papering over debts, to fix their economies.    No wonder Billionaires are preparing accordingly.

Stock Support

According to Robert Fitzwilson, the broad financial markets are now owned and managed by the central banks in unison with Wall Street, corporations and their respective governments. As…

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