140919 – Death Panels

The REAL news for 19SEP14….

The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

German Debt

Investors have bought 3.34 billion euros in German treasury notes that pay a negative 0.07% interest.     The negative yield is a sign of the stresses in the eurozone where the European Central Bank wants victims err…   Europeans to spend and go deep into debt to maintain the euro ponzi scheme.

NSA Friends

NSA Director, Admiral Michael Rogers, stated that the NSA spying programs have not cost the country friends.     When nations at the UN are condemning the spy programs, how does he expect anyone to swallow this?   Speaking of the UN…

Climate Summit

Aside from Obama, UN Secretary Moon, and Al Gore, will any major world leader attending the UN Climate Summit in New York identify themselves?     (Sound of Crickets Chirping)


Following the example of the IRS’s unlawfulness, a former State Department…

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