‘Shadow Brokers’ Release Most Damaging NSA Hacking Tools Yet

Windoze user? Take a look!


There’s NEVER been a better time to switch to LINUX

Hacking tools allegedly used by the National Security Agency were leaked online early Friday by the group known as “The Shadow Brokers.”

The mysterious entity, which last August also released a large cache of tools purportedly stolen from “the Equation Group,” an elite hacking team believed to be NSA, published it’s most substantial material yet by exposing powerful exploits against Microsoft Windows systems and targeted banks in the Middle East.

The dump, deemed “the most damaging” for the NSA since Edward Snowden by computer security expert Nicholas Weaver, includes numerous tools that utilize unknown exploits, or “zero days,” against every Windows operating system prior to version 10.

One tool, known as FUZZBUNCH, is causing concern among cybersecurity experts given it’s ability to automate the creation and deployment of NSA malware.

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