Top Google Trend: ‘Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?’

Is this the position she should really hold?


Search engine users curious if Clinton crimes merit prison time

Top Google Trend: 'Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?' Image Credits: Gregory Hauenstein / Flickr

Adan Salazar

Most Google users searching for information on Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are asking “Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?” the company reported Friday.

Google Trends’ official Twitter account relayed the information this afternoon indicating people across the globe are attempting to verify whether the candidate should instead occupy the big house rather than the White House.

The second most trending search topic in the past 24 hours asked which party Hillary represented.

The results follow a tough week for Clinton, after failed support for Britain to stay in the EU, in addition to a devastating speech by Republican contender Donald Trump Tuesday outlining the former secretary of state’s multiple failures during…

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