State Dept. Won’t Reveal Clinton’s Email Security Procedures Until Month After Election



Journalist’s FOIA request repeatedly delayed

State Dept. Won't Reveal Clinton’s Email Security Procedures Until Month After ElectionMikael Thalen

Documents concerning Hillary Clinton’s email security procedures will not be released until the presidential election has passed, the U.S. Department of State said Thursday.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request from Motherboard journalist Jason Koebler, State Department official Charlotte W. Duckett revealed that such information would not be available until December of 2016.

“Our office was recently informed that due to the ongoing process of your request, the estimated completion date for your request has been extended to December 2016,” Duckett wrote via email.

Despite filing two requests for both Clinton’s work and private email in March of 2015, specifically regarding “communications, presentations, and procedures created by the State Department to secure Hillary Clinton’s email from electronic threats,” Koebler’s attempts have been repeatedly delayed.

“The agency has emailed me a few times, saying that it’s working to ‘make the…

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