Three States Ban Travel to Mississippi

Politicians at work(?)….Or why politicians are a blight on society…..


These Governors feel it is in their power to limit travel of their own citizenry

Three States Ban Travel to MississippiTruth and Action

Thou shalt not travel to Mississippi” demand the governors of Washington, New York, and Vermont. Mississippi’s new legislation is believed to be mean spirited and discriminatory and thus these governors feel it is in their power to limit travel of their own citizenry.

Reminiscent of the big brother behavior of the Mayor of San Fransisco, who made similar demands of city employees banning travel to North Carolina, these governors are overstepping their authority.

The mayoral panties are all twisted up because North Carolina has passed legislation preventing anti-discrimination protection for lesbian, gay and transgender people thus nullifying a Charlotte ordinance that allowed for transgender bathroom use of the opposite gender.
City workers were banned by the Lee from “non-essential” travel to North Carolina, Truth and Action reports.

The Mississippi legislation is viewed…

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