160131 – Economic Kamikaze


The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

Swiss Helicopter Money

Swiss residents will vote on a referendum to pay every single adult a guaranteed income of around $2500 per month which is 30% of their GDP. Even though a new survey found many residents would continue working, this action will cause inflation, and if taken away, will crater their economy. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The Deflationary “D’s”

Here are the four “D’s” that are making manic monetary policy ineffective…
1. Debt levels are too high.
2. Deleveraging has impeded the housing recovery and its multiplier effect.
3. Demographics point to an aging population in the West.
4. Disruption due to technology; such as, robotics and AI.

In the Collapse

The surest way to know if there is societal disintegration is if the criminals, that created the instability, openly admit it and are warning…

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