151015 – NIRP Replaces ZIRP?


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Financial Waves

According to the analysts at Goldman Sucks, the first financial crisis wave was the U.S. housing crisis in 2007, which caused the S&P 500 to drop 58%. The second was Europe’s sovereign debt crisis in 2012. The third is happening with the emerging markets. So, while gold stocks appear to be in a bottoming process due to uncertainty, in the end, it will likely be physical, because of re-hypothecation, that wins the day.

NIRP Replaces ZIRP?

Fed officials now seem open to deploying negative interest rates to combat the next serious financial crisis and even claim that the costs will not be as great as anticipated. Even former Fed chief Benji Bernanki believes that’s bad idea. One can only assume that the Fed is run by alumni of a clown college.

Surprise! More Debt!

You just can’t make this…

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