150726 – Social Security Cuts


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Because of the IMF, and by extension, Washington’s, failure to provide the world’s most important emerging economies with representation that’s commensurate with their economic clout, the BRICS Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank have pledged a partnership and issue loans, not in U.S. Dollars, but in Yuan.

Venezuela’s Hyperinflation Crack-Up

Venezuela’s hyperinflation is reaching its final stages amid capital controls and a collapse of Venezuela’s currency on the “black” market. In fact, since the beginning of 2015, that country’s stock market is up by more than 300%. As more printing of currency is done, the stock market will go up to reflect the printing.

Financial Disaster Starts Here

Investors, to get a decent income stream, have been flocking to junk bonds because the Fed lowered interest rates to near zero. In fact, junk bond issues soared 483% between 2008 and…

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