Video: The #1 Threat to Your Success & Happiness in Life

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It’s more than just your health

Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society

What’s the number one threat to your success and happiness in life? It’s not unexpected life events, or even financial crisis. Instead, it comes down to others telling you that you can’t live your passion. It comes down to what I call ‘toxic relationships.’

I’ll never forget the story about the mother of a friend of mine, whose singing career was ruined by the toxic actions of one heckler. While she was, in fact, a beautiful singer, she relied heavily upon the opinions of others to tell her whether or not she was ‘good enough.’

One night, as she was singing her heart out, a heckler told her that she ‘couldn’t sing.’ Truthfully, he probably said a lot worse than that, but this was the gist of it.

What this man may have not realized at the time is that his…

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