150709 – Sanctuary Cities


The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

Chinese Gold Reserves

In 2007, Chinese gold reserves surpassed 7,000 tons, by the end of 2014, although there is no official documentation, it is estimated that the Chinese gold reserves are 9,816 tons. The U.S. Treasury officially holds 8,134 tons, but, the gold has not been physically audited in decades.

10 Consequences

As Greece goes on ‘Double-Secret Probation‘, here are a few of the 10 consequences of Greece voting ‘No’ on banker slavery err… austerity…
1. The horrid conditions in Greece will get a lot worse before they improve.
2. All parties involved will find themselves slipping into their Plan B mode to minimize the damage… In short, here comes the Drachma!
3. Greece will likely never restore its status as a full member of the euro zone.

Secret Vatican Treaty

After the Vatican signed its first treaty recognizing Palestine…

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