Video: Young Americans Shocked to Learn of Hillary’s Multiple Mansions

The truth will set you free……


clinton claimed to be “dead broke” after family left White House

Mikael Thalen |

Young Americans being quizzed on the homes of 2016 Presidential candidates were in for a shock this week after learning of the multiple mansions owned by Hillary Clinton.

In a game dubbed “Candidate’s Cribs,” Campus Reform Correspondent Cabot Phillips asked participants to match four pictures of multi-million dollar homes to their candidate owners.

Unaware that all of the mansions had actually been owned by Clinton, each participant attempted to link other candidates such as Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio to the extravagant properties.

After several rounds of the game, Phillips says the participants were shocked to learn that Clinton had lived in all four homes, which hold a total value of more than $31 million.

“What, really? You’re pulling my leg,” one man said in response.

Nearly every respondent reacted similarly, with some…

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