150308 – Treasury Note Dollar


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Today’s Items:

London Gold Vaults Closing

HSBC is closing all seven of their gold vaults in London. According to Gerald Celente, if they are closing down all the vaults, where is the gold going? Who will be the new custodian to continue the paper gold manipulation? China, as they take control of the physical… If any exists.

Debt Limit

Jack Lew is informing Congress that the debt limit will be reached on March 16th. So, look for the best paid-off Congress to kick the can down the road until they can’t.

Treasury Note Dollar

According to Jim Willie, in order to get out the current dollar situation, the Treasury will introduce a new Treasury Note Dollar that will replace the Federal Reserve Note. He goes on to say that there will be an immediate 30% devaluation of that dollar which will result in a…

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