150219 – Global Crack-Up


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Greek Drama

Greece is on a collision course with the Eurozone’s creditor powers after emergency talks ended. Greece must repay 22.5 billion euros this year, starting with 4 billion owed to the IMF over the next six weeks. Something tells me that is not likely to happen; however, if Eurozone leaders cannot keep Greece in line, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and several smaller countries may start doing the exact same thing. In addition, considering how fragile the global financial system is right now, this could easily snowball into a complete global financial collapse.

4 Signs of Global Crack-Up

Here are, without details, the four signs that the global economy has entered the crack-up phase…
1. Increasingly desperate moves by the world’s central banks
2. Increased market volatility and losses
3. Deflation in industrial and commodity prices
4. Decreasing demand due to Peak Debt


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