150104 – Ponzi Pensions


The Hyper Report

Today’s Items:

China’s Hard Landing

Please review the 21 charts at Zerohedge that show how China’s controlled economic descent is rapidly sliding out of control. China is gripped by the worst commodity, and economic, crash in ages. Everything from industrial production to auto sales are down.

Jumping Sharks

It turns out that a formal Sony employee was likely responsible for the ‘hack’, and not North Korea. So, how does Obama come to grips that both the FBI and the State Department now both have egg on their faces? He simply jumps the shark by signing an executive order imposing yet more sanctions on North Korea. Is Obama trying to gin-up another crisis in order to mask another outrage or is he doubling down on stupid?

ISIS Fighters Contracted Ebola

According to the World Health Organization, ISIS militants are showing up to Iraqi hospitals with…

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