141230 – Greek Tragedy


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Today’s Items:

Greek Tragedy

Because of the inability of Greece’s parliament to elect a president, there will be an election on January 25th. The left wing, anti-austerity Syriza party that strikes fear in the heart of German bankers, could win. Their possible subsequent actions could force Greece to default and leave the European currency union and other debtor nations, like Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain, could also drop the euro. It’s amazing what one election could do.

New York Fed Gold

Some 47.1 tons of gold were withdrawn from the New York Fed in November, bringing the Fed’s total earmarked gold to just 6,029 tones. This had brought the total amount of Year-to-Date gold withdrawals from the New York Fed to a whopping 119 tons: the most since the Lehman collapse.

Real Goal of “Fast and Furious”

Eric Holder tried his best to hide…

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