Video: JFK Knew A Coup Was Coming

Trust your government?


The USA’s current tyrannical government, with its bread and circuses for the masses, while silently pushing the economic interests of the globalists, did not happen overnight.

This historical video reveals shocking information that suggests President Kennedy understood that soft tyranny was in store for Americans unless he stopped it.

What he stopped was a bullet. Stopped it with his head.

The video is well worth the 3:45 to learn more about the history of the takeover of the former USA, now the USSA, by the deadliest force in the history of mankind, the New World Order oligarchs.

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One thought on “Video: JFK Knew A Coup Was Coming

  1. Paladin Justice

    To answer your question, there’s no reason to expect the government to do anything other than what they’ve been doing. So, no, I do not trust the government. Neither should any of us.


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