141130 – Swiss Vote Fail

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Today’s Items:

Pint Size Hatred

Please watch the video of a 10 year old pint-sized preacher yelling at the people that they should go to the battlefields of jihad and kill the enemies. This ISIS supporter goes on to say that men should martyr themselves for Islam and then will be married off to 72 wives from among the black-eyed virgins. Brainwashing at its finest folks. Guess the little bastard doesn’t know that it’s not 72 virgins but 72 grapes.

Preacher Boy

Speaking at Morgan State University, self-proclaimed minister Louis Farrakhan weighed in on the Ferguson protests. In seeking peace, he stated “we’ll tear this god (BLEEP!) country up!” Nice blasphemous talk preacher boy.

Swiss Fail

At 78%, the Swiss population overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to force the Swiss National Bank to hold some 20% of its reserves in gold. So, the gold…

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