Is Bayer Poisoning Your Pet While They Kill the Bees?

Did you know?


Company admits there is no way to stop the spread of its genetically modified crops

Christina Sarich

Bayer uses the same insecticide that has been banned throughout the EU in one of their best selling flea and tick products, Advantix.

They have no problem selling imidacloprid-containing insecticides to U.S. dog and cat owners, even though it has been linked to seizures in anecdotal accounts, and is certainly a neurotoxin which is not entirely safe for your favorite furry friend.

This product is brought to you by the same company that is happy to poison the planet in other ways, too – namely through the creation of neonicotinoid pesticides which coat about 90% of U.S. corn seeds and seeds of increasing portions of other major crops like soy. These chemicals have emerged as a likely trigger for colony collapse disorder, as evidenced again here in this NBC News report.

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