Ten Reasons Barack Obama’s Approval Rating Is In The Toilet

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Here’s why Americans are so sick of Obama

Ten Reasons Barack Obama's Approval Rating Is In The ToiletImage Credits: Pete Souza / Flickr

Steve Watson

This week, the President’s approval hit another all time low of 40%. A ABC News/Washington Post poll documented the lowest mark in Obama’s two terms, also noting that the Democratic Party’s popularity is its weakest for 3 decades, with more than half of Americans having an unfavorable view of the party for the first time.

Of course, this is not to say that anyone is looking to the GOP for any light at the end of tunnel. The Republican party is even more unpopular, according to the same poll.

However, the Democrats stand to lose the most with the midterm elections less than a month away. Obama’s approval directly matches that of George W. Bush going into the 2006 midterms. At that time the GOP lost 30 seats.

Countdown: Here’s why Americans are…

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