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Corrupt Paper Markets

According to Robert Fitzwilson, excluding options and the over-the-counter market trading, the volume of trading for “financial oil” was 20-times the volume for physical oil on a global basis.    In addition, it has been estimated that the claims against gold are 100-times the physical amount that might be available.    In short, if you do not have it in your hands, when the Western paper manipulated ponzi game ends, you do not own it.

9 Unanswered Ebola Questions
Various Sources

1. Why did the CDC budget include gun violence studies?
2. Why is no one pointing out that Obama dropped quarantine rules back in 2010?
3. Where is Obama’s Ebola czar, Dr. Nicole Lurie?
4. Why were the American people not told that Ebola has a 42, not 21, day incubation period with a 70% mortality rate?
5. Why are House Democrats…

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