Geo-engineering: California Looks to Drones to Make It Rain

Hope for California……?


Faced with extreme drought, California continues its experiment with weather modification

Geo-engineering: California Looks to Drones to Make It RainImage Credits: NASA/NOAA

Brian Resnick 
National Journal

Billowy and filled with life-sustaining water vapor, the cloud passes overhead without emitting a drop of rain. In times of severe drought, that cloud is a frustrating, lumbering tease. That cloud is tantalizing. Delicious even.

What that cloud needs is a kick start, a catalyst to squeeze the water out of it. It’s not science fiction; it’s called cloud-seeding. And in beyond-parched California, it may become a viable option to combat long-term water shortages.

Cloud-seeders can’t make rain appear out of clear blue sky. Rather, they create snow (and sometimes rain) where it’s most likely to occur—in clouds. Yes, that cloud is full of water vapor, but sometimes, water needs to be coaxed into forming the ice crystals needed for snow (you can see this happening in this video). The seeding…

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