Cops Say to Citizens: “Get yourself some firearms”

Heard in Miami-Dade Florida…..


gun handgun pistol

The advice to weapon up is good advice. Preppers and survivalists, NRA members, and many more understand that a weapon can be a lifesaver.

But now we have the cops telling citizens to weapon up. Cops are usually FOR gun control. It makes their lives easier if only THEY have guns.

What’s up? Scare tactics by the cops. The mayor is asking the police union to make concessions. No, say the cops.

Scare tactics can be an effective means of manipulating people. The cops are sabotaging the public’s confidence in safety, hoping that voters will bombard the mayor with demands to keep the cops happy.

But in the long run, the cops are also encouraging criminals with this tactic. In the long run that’s going to come back and bite the cops in the butt.

Proposed cuts in the local Miami-Dade County budget that could lead to the firing of…

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