Open Acts of Defiance: Suddenly, Everyone Aspires to Sabotage the System

Your thought’s?


Murrieta protesters Murrieta protesters

American Renaissance published a special commentary today called “Open Acts of Defiance.”

It’s good. It offers an optimistic view of how the System is being sabotaged by millions of awakened people and how this awakening can create a regime change.

We can get our country back, if we exhibit strength, smarts, and courage. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Discredit the regime’s ideology and the regime crumbles.

Across America there are signs of discontent. There is growing dissatisfaction with the path America has taken since the end of the Second World War.

We used to console ourselves with the belief that Americans live better, freer lives than anyone else. And yet, a recent poll finds that the number of Americans who think they enjoy real freedom is declining. In 2006, 91 percent thought they had enough freedom to decide what to do with their lives; by 2013 that…

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