Incredible: Courageous Senator Speaks TRUTH–Elites Treat People Like Commodities

A politician who thinks of the folks at home…..


Jeff Sessions--Republican Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions–Republican Senator from Alabama

The New World Order Illuminati Jew power elites want us enslaved and impoverished. I’ve said it many times here.

But for a United States Senator to have the gumption to say it is really a welcome development for the truth movement.

Senator Jeff Sessions actually does something I can’t recall seeing anyone else in politics do–he criticizes a Jewish billionaire (Sheldon Adelson) and a crypto-Jew billionaire (Rupert Murdoch) for their support of open borders.

Jeff Sessions is a saboteur, sabotaging the System with truth. I salute him.

Perhaps no issue better illustrates the current divide between everyday citizens and our political and business elites than the issue of immigration. The latter group draws the financial gains from a generous labor supply without considering the perspective of those on the other side of the ledger: the working people who have to worry about being laid off…

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2 thoughts on “Incredible: Courageous Senator Speaks TRUTH–Elites Treat People Like Commodities

  1. Paladin Justice

    Right, you are sir. On another note, if you’re a religious man, pray for one of my regular commenters. In order to escape the monstrous evil that dominates California, she’s moving–driving by herself and her cat from LA to Alabama to start a new life, free of some of the plagues that grip the west coast. She’ broken down twice now and is in Arizona having her car fixed. Pray for her, the cat, and the car, if you have a mind to. Thanks.


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