Left Blames Second Amendment for California Shootings


Radfems poised to urge state action against gun owners and an intangible patriarchy

Kurt Nimmo

Left Blames Second Amendment for California ShootingsElliot Rodger

The Elliot Rodger shooting spree in California is a godsend for progressives. It not only allows the left to push its authoritarian anti-Second Amendment gun-grabbing agenda, but also provides a forum for radical feminism. Not surprisingly the Southern Poverty Law Center has managed to link the shooting to racism, another rallying call for the progressive left.

“Rodger, however, apparently did not only hate women. His PuaHate postings include rants against interracial dating and black, Asian and Indian men,” writes Josh Glassteller the SPLC’s Hatewatch. PuaHate is a web forum dedicated to revealing “the scams, deception, and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to deceive men and profit from them,” but reportedly devolved into a messageboard where men expressed frustration in failed efforts to date and have sex…

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