How I Got Kicked Out Of The 9/11 Museum

Nice huh?


Inside the 9/11 Museum (Getty Images)


The National 9/11 Museum opened to the public yesterday, with dozens of museum employees on hand to assist visitors through exhibits, numerous Red Cross workers and chaplains eager to help those who needed comfort, and at least three security guards who tracked me down and ultimately threw me out. For asking a single question.

President Obama dedicated the museum last week during a special ceremony open to politicians, victims’ families and select members of the media. I was curious about it, because I wondered if the museum really was “as beautiful — at times, disturbingly so — as it is horrific,” as the Post’s Steve Cuozzo put it, and “emotionally overwhelming,” as the NY Times’ Holland Cotter declared. Jake and I had no luck in getting into the media previews (although he’d visited the museum when it was under construction), so…

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