2 thoughts on “Move? Map Shows USA States People Can’t Wait to Leave

  1. Paladin Justice

    Thanks for the reblog. As to where I would want to live, a person is working with incomplete info. I think I might like to live in Maine, but I might move there and hate the place. Incomplete info. I’m moving from my current location, Texas, to escape high property taxes. I’m moving to the state with the lowest property taxes. It has a small income tax, but the lower property taxes more than make up for that.

    1. thunderbolt1959 Post author

      You’re welcome!
      Yes, the map is “light” on the details.
      However, the important factors for some become irrelevant for others.
      For example where I am now in Florida, isn’t a choice based on my personal preference. It is simply what works today. Especially with the rapid change we are experiencing in general, that could and probably will change.
      My goal is to be available for change as needed. I have always believed that when folks come to a clearer understanding of their circumstances, it is amazing what change is possible!


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