2 thoughts on “Family Who Lost Reckless the Dog During Hurricane Sandy Find Him at the Pound A Year and a Half Later

  1. Paladin Justice

    I pulled the story and pic from the AP news feed, but later saw it on the Daily Mail. The commenters were critical that the dog was not inside the house with the family during the storm, which is why he ran away. They also thought the family should not have him back. I don’t know. If I were the shelter, I would insist of visitation to make sure Reckless is being taken care of. Anyway, thanks for the reblog.

    1. thunderbolt1959 Post author

      Yes, idealist circumstances are often unmet. Sure, I’d like to think Reckless gets :”Platinum” care. He likely doesn’t by others standards….

      However, what’s the alternative?


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