The New World Order and Net Neutrality: What’s It Mean to YOU?

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Step-by-step the New World Order is going to try to stealthily shut down any and all dissent. The issue of “net neutrality” really revolves around who gets to be heard on the Internet. The USA’s government has decided that the power elites can muscle out the little people.

… during the past decade, a significant fraction of the public has begun to wake up, thanks to the rise of the internet-based alternative media. Outlets like Press TV, Veterans Today, Russia Today, WhatReallyHappened, Rense, Infowars, WhoWhatWhy, GlobalResearch, and Counterpunch provide facts and perspectives that are taboo in the corporate mainstream.

Now the US government is trying to stymie the spread of truth – by abolishing net neutrality in order to literally “slow down” the alternative media.

Last Wednesday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it would kill net neutrality by allowing big media to buy up internet “fast lanes”…

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2 thoughts on “The New World Order and Net Neutrality: What’s It Mean to YOU?

  1. Paladin Justice

    Thanks for the reblog, Thunderbolt. Net neutrality isn’t an issue I had kept up with until recently. Now I see how the powers that be want to keep alternative voices from being heard. The changing of the rules to benefit the power elites is something we will have to fight, I’m afraid.


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