2 thoughts on “Inspiring: Beatrice the Chihuahua Horribly Set Afire, Received Skin Grafts and is Recovering

  1. Paladin Justice

    Thanks for the reblog, Thunderbolt. I’m not sure, but I think if you tag and categorize you show up more on search engines. For example, after you reblogged Beatrice’s story you could go back to my site and copy and paste the tags into your reblog. It’s not necessary, but my belief, as I said, is that it makes a post more prominent on the search engines. I wasn’t tagging and categorizing at first but Mountain Republic suggested it and so I’ve been doing it since then. Let’s keep an eye out on what happens with Beatrice. I sure hope she’s healing under those bandages.

  2. thunderbolt1959 Post author

    Sure thing….And, as you’ve noticed, I’m not much for tagging. Developed a deep dislike for the word when I saw how it could be used surreptitiously..Anyway, this is different, so I appreciate your thoughtful suggestions! I will try it!!

    Yes, I will look forward to Beatrice improving.situation…..:-)


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