2 thoughts on “Inspiring: Clive Bundy Neighbor Rallies Patriots, Watch If You Support Freedom in the USA

  1. Paladin Justice

    Thanks for the reblog, Thunderbolt. I just got home from running errands and was listening to the Sean Hannity radio program in my big E-150. I’ve never been to Hannity’s website, but perhaps folks can listen to the Clive Bundy interview on the website. Hannity had Mr. Bundy for a whole hour. To answer your question, no, it’s not the USA I knew as a boy. The USSA is a totalitarian police state encountering resistance from crotchety old white men like Mr. Bundy. Let’s hope the youth pick up on what this is about and respond positively to the appeal for freedom. People are waking up but there’s enormous work for us to do to fully awaken them. So, keep on blogging everyone!


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