TSA vs. 4th Amendment: You’re Free To Board A Plane, But You’re Not Free To Leave The Screening Area

Has TSA really helped anybody…other than those that stand to make a buck from it…?


Tim Cushing
Tech Dirt

tsaabiWe’ve often discussed the TSA’s ridiculous pantomime deployed with the pretense that vague and ever-shifting rules — most written as a reaction to previous failed attacks — somehow make flying safer, even if these policies have failed to prevent attackers from boarding planes or even sniff out potential terrorists in order to apprehend them. The entire process has been ridiculed (as all knee-jerk responses should be) to no end, which is just as well considering the TSA program itself is apparently going to be endless.

While we’ve examined the security theater players’ parts, we really haven’t spent much time examining the stage itself. Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, David Post asks just how many of our rights are we supposed to give up for the illusion of safety?

I started watching the TSA video that was running on the monitors overhead, and I was…

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