Fort Hood Shooting: Time to Disarm the Entire U.S. Military?

Why irrelevant hacks, like Piers Morgan, expose their poorly thought out agenda. Perhaps his drivel will expose the folly of their point of view…..


Piers Morgan ludicrously blames dispute between soldiers on Second Amendment

Paul Joseph Watson

Yesterday’s mass shooting at Fort Hood which left four soldiers dead and 16 injured underscores the urgent need to disarm the entire U.S. military with immediate effect.

If that argument sounds crazy that’s because it is, but it’s not far removed from how the establishment media and gun control advocates react whenever there is a mass shooting anywhere else in the United States.

There will not be a sustained resurrection of the gun control debate in the aftermath of yesterday’s Fort Hood shooting because the most ardent gun control advocates firmly believe that the state should have a monopoly on weapons.

In reality, they are not gun control advocates at all but hardcore statists whose primary motivation is to prevent Americans from having the ability to defend themselves – either from common criminals or a government…

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