Navy Family: Fukushima Gave Our One-Year-Old Brain and Spine Cancer


Child born with multiple cancers 18 months after father’s exposure

Mikael Thalen

A U.S. Navy family is blaming their one-year-old’s brain and spine cancer on radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

fukukidSince the 2011 meltdown, more than 50 U.S. sailors involved in the Navy’s Fukushima rescue efforts have been diagnosed with multiple forms of cancer.

According to Charles Bonner, an attorney representing dozens of the cancer-stricken sailors, Fukushima’s radiation is being passed onto his client’s children.

“This radiation not only hurts the young sailors, but it hurts their offsprings,” Bonner told Democracy Now.

Reading a declaration from the wife of one sailor, Bonner revealed how a one-year-old boy has already been devastated due to radiation exposure.

“My husband was exposed to radiation particles while assigned to the Seventh Fleet on the USS Ronald Reagan assisting in Operation Tomodachi beginning in March of 2011,” the declaration read…

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